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Our Favourite Holiday Wine Pairings

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closeup of two glass cups with handles holding mulled wine, on a silver planned with orange rinds and raw spices; highlighting Heavens Gate Winery Holiday Wine Pairing

Well wine lovers, 2020 has felt like a decade in a year, but we’ve made it. This holiday season is looking very different than most, and brings with it a reminder to cherish the ones you love. Though your holiday feast may have shrunk from 14 to 4, we’re here to help make sure your small gathering is deliciously memorable

Get your glasses ready! Here our top 5 holiday wine pairings.


bottle of Heaven's Gate Winery sauvignon blanc semillion 2018 white wine with black cap and dark teal label, great for a holiday wine pairing with turkey

1. Traditional Turkey & Sauvignon

For many Canadians, Christmas dinner and turkey go hand in hand. While hours of preparation and planning go into the meal, wine is often an afterthought. Not this Christmas!

Our Sauvignon Blanc Sémillon blend offers the perfect amount of bright acidity to complement your poultry, with a refreshing lightness that will keep your meal fromfeeling too heavy. 

As an added bonus, you can enjoy this Okanagan Valley BC VQA for only $14.40 a bottle when you buy 12 or more!* Our Case Sale means you’ll have your holiday wine pairing AND gifts for family and friends covered. 

Winemakers tip: try adding a splash of our Sauvignon to your marinade to give your traditional turkey a fresh zesty twist! 

*Use coupon “SBSCASE” at checkout.


bottle of Heaven’s Gate Winery 2018 Faith Rosé pink wine with black cap and dark teal label

2. Appies, Apples & Spiced Cranberry Spritzers

We know what you’re thinking, Christmas and Rosé aren’t a typical pairing. As the days get cooler and shorter, we tend to find comfort in warm foods and full-bodied reds. However, as we saw with our last pairing, light refreshing blends can actually complement a heavy meal. In this case, a Rosé spritzer delivers a refreshingly festive, pre-meal sparkle. 

Our Heaven’s Gate Winery 2018 Faith Rosé is known for its delicate and earthy nose, with a slightly caramelized peach start on the palette. This subtle sweetness transitions into candied strawberry, finishing with rhubarb and subtle hints of blackberry. 

Continuing on with the Christmas spirit, you can enjoy this Okanagan Valley Rosé for only $13.34 a bottle (after tax) when you buy 12 or more!* 

*Use coupon “ROSECASE” at checkout.


bottle of Heaven’s Gate Winery 2018 Maréchal Foch red wine with teal cap, great for pairing with honey ham

3. Honey Ham & Mulled Maréchal Foch

Nothing says “cozy” like a cup of warm, spiced wine. Whether in a saucepan or crock pot, mulled wine is simple to make and oh-so festive. With notes of wild blueberries, spice and an earthy organic finish, our Maréchal Foch blends exceptionally well with mulled wine spices, orange and brandy. 

This season we’re spicing things up even more with a Maréchal Foch Case Sale! Buy 12 or more bottles today and get it for $11.50 a bottle after tax.* 

*Use coupon “FOCHCASE” at checkout.



bottle of deep red Heaven’s Gate Winery 2016 Merlot with burgundy label, great with vegetarian dishes

4. Butternut Squash Lasagna & Bold Merlot

Sweet roasted vegetables pair beautifully with bold merlots, making them a popular accompaniment for many vegan and vegetarian dishes. Our 2016 vintage delivers toasted oak and spiced clove on the nose, with lush flavours of black cherry, soft blackberry and a sweet vanilla finish. 

One of the best features of this recipe, aside from being delicious, is that you can make it ahead of time and store it in the fridge. After that, all that’s left to do for dinner is preheat the oven and throw it in for 40 minutes! With a holiday meal that feels this effortless, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a glass or two of Merlot by the fire.

Planning ahead can take the stress out of holiday meals. It can also save you money when it comes to wine. Buy 12 or more 2016 Merlot bottles today and get it for $14.40 a bottle.* 

Winemakers tip: you can easily calculate the cost of shipping at checkout by entering your address. For most of BC, there’s a $25 ground shipping option that delivers your case of wine in 3-5 business days.

*Use couponMERCASE at checkout.


bottle of Heaven’s Gate Winery 2018 Viognier white wine, great for pairing with brunch

5. Brunch, Benedicts & Viognier

While not the obvious choice, pairing white wine with classic brunch favourites may leave you pleasantly surprised. Having won Double Gold at the 2019 All Canadian Wine Championships, our 2018 Viognier is sure to impress, regardless of the hour.

With notes of delicate nectarine and slow ripened cantaloupe, balanced with acidity and a spicy white pepper finish, our 2018 Viognier is the perfect complement to sweet-savoury brunch flavours. If you’re not convinced about wine for breakfast, it also pairs splendidly with seafood, shellfish, spice and Asian cuisine. 

Winemakers tip: If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your holiday brunch, try adding a splash of sprite and orange juice to our Viognier. The result is a fresh Okanagan alternative to traditional Champagne mimosas.

Happy Holidays from Heaven’s Gate Winery

While these are some of our favourite holiday wine pairings, don’t be afraid to experiment with yours! With wine options as versatile as your holiday plans, you may find your perfect pairing where you least expect it. Be sure to tag us (@heavensgatewinery) when you do find a favourite, we love seeing our wines in action.

Lastly, we want to thank all of you for your continued support throughout the year. As a small, boutique winery, our community means the world to us. We hope that your holiday season is filled with comfort, warmth, and of course, great wine.